Why is North Dakota Rep Brandon Prichard Tweeting crazy stuff?

There is the “Wait, he just tweeted what” category, and then there is a whole new advanced level beyond it that North Dakota Rep Brandon Prichard has decided is his own personal domain of religiously inspired lunacy. All who are active on twitter will most probably at some point tweet something crassly stupid. When others … Read more

Solid Proof that Parachutes Don’t Work

Let’s make something clear up front, this article is not actually about Parachutes. There is something far more serious coming up, so stick with me here. I will however say that the parachute study is quite real. Within the British Medical Journal there is research paper titled “Parachute use to prevent death and major trauma … Read more

Climate Updates: Three New Insights

There are a couple of items to cover within this posting, but first, I just can’t resist briefly commenting upon one utterly weird development that has happened in the last few months. We now have an electric car CEO literally mocking the half of the population that actually understands that climate change is real. So … Read more

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