Alex Jones – Reaping a Well-earned reward

The reality of actions having consequences is fast catching up with Alex Jones. Back last April I was writing about the well-deserved defamation suits that he was being served with. Today there are several updates to bring you up to speed on. Initial Hearings for the Defamation Suits As was perhaps anticipated, nobody is rolling … Read more

Alex Jones Has Been Named In Two More Defamation Suits

This is quite frankly wonderful news, it could not have happened to a nicer person than Alex Jones of Infowars fame. Let’s first give you a bit of context. If you have no idea who Alex Jones actually is, then the background context is that he is most probably the leading conspiracy theory promoter in … Read more

Fox News and Alex Jones Are Being Sued for Conspiracy Mongering

Both Fox News and also Alex Jones have a rather well-known reputation for being promoters of fiction as fact. If either of them are your only news sources, or are simply your primary news sources then it is distinctly probably that your grasp upon reality and facts is, and will continue to be, rather elusive. … Read more

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