Does religious belief imply stupidity?

Does being religious justify being labelled “stupid?”. The short simple answer is – No, there are plenty of very smart highly intelligent humans who are also religious, in fact some of the most famous thinkers, philosophers, and scientists in history have been religious. Ah, so that might imply some truth then? Actually no, not at … Read more

Belief = Stupidity ?

OK, a bit of fun today … tongue-in-cheek only … but still a real story.

Just off the North coast in the UK there exists a tiny little tidal island known as “Holy Island” and built upon it is the monastery of Lindisfarne. Recently it has become the centre for the revival of Celtic Christianity and so it has become a popular retreat centre, as well as holiday destination.

To get there there is a tidal causeway – hint: when the tide is high, you don’t cross. Ah but I don’t need to tell you that, its the bleeding obvious, yes? … right? … apparently not.

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Stupidity leads to deaths of 9 Infants

The following story might appear to be simply tragic … just one of those natural events that happens, but its not … its plain simple stupidly in action … LOS ANGELES — State health officials reported Thursday that California is on track to break a 55-year record for whooping cough infections in an epidemic that … Read more

Parents sacrifice 4-yr-old girl to become rich

This one simply leaves me stunned, shocked, sick and angry at the pointless stupidity … Lust for wealth drove a poverty- stricken couple to sacrifice their own four-year-old daughter at a village in Uttar Pradesh’s backward Sitapur district, about 90 km from here. The couple, identified as Srikrishna and Ramdevi, were told by a “tantrik” … Read more

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