Will religion die?

A couple of days ago I was writing about why the latest evolutionary psychological observations suggest the inevitable demise and decline of both Christianity and also Islam. I now see that the UK’s Independent has run a similar story … however … this is how they describe it … Religion could die out as world’s … Read more

Saudi Religious Police getting trained in “Magic”

Much to my complete surprise, I came across a report that describes how the Saudi Religious Police are being trained in how to identify and stamp out magic. Seriously, they really are … Saudi Arabia’s influential religious police have started training its new members on how to fight magic and arrest those involved in black art in … Read more

The judgement of a God upon us … it explains (insert bad event of your choice here)

Glance into the Old Testament within the bible and you find some rather weird rules, for example … Bad haircuts are banned: Leviticus 19:27 reads “You shall not round off the side-growth of your heads nor harm the edges of your beard.” Pork is banned: Leviticus 11:8, while giving guidance on pigs, reads “You shall not eat … Read more

Religious Superstition vs Science … does it still happen? … sadly yes.

Looking back in history there are clear, very obvious and well-known examples of  confrontation between religious superstition and science, for example Galileo Galilei, arrested and hauled before the inquisition for heresy because he supported the observation that the sun stands still and that it is the earth that moves. Rome might indeed have truly “believed” but … Read more

Catholic Church is “on the edge” in Ireland

The news today in the Irish Independent is …

THE Pope will be officially told the Irish Catholic Church is “on the edge” of national collapse and has only five to 10 years to make a radical recovery by giving laymen and women a greater say in decision-making.

This warning will be submitted in the coming months in a confidential report to Pope Benedict XVI by an international investigator examining the state of the Irish church in the wake of the Murphy and Ryan reports into clerical child abuse.

The full article is here, I’ll let you read it all at you leisure.

To some this is perhaps bad news, but for many others such as myself, this is very good news indeed. Having grown up in Ireland, I’d heard some things that I simply refused to believe at the time, but now know that my friends were not simply telling me tall stories. For there lurking under the social covers were deep dark tragic tales. I need not repeat such stories, we all know them.

Read more

The reality of Witchcraft today

Viewing those who truly embrace an eccentric Wicca-based belief as nutters is probably justifiable, but labeling them as “Witches” and practitioners of evil is truly dangerous. Christianity is hostile to all other forms of belief and is fully prepared to fan the flames of such superstitious thinking. Many Christians would view the Wiccans as truly … Read more

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