Poll: Substantial majority of Scottish people are not religious and not spiritual

nones scottish belief

When people discard a mainstream religion such as Catholicism or Baptist, they often retain some belief. On a poll or census they might identify as “None” because none of the boxes available truly describes them. This gives rise to the term “nones”. If you chat with them, then you will discover that they might indeed … Read more

New stats show that Humanist weddings are very popular in Scotland

Unlike Scotland, so far the UK government has refused to permit the concept of Humanist weddings. It almost happened prior to the UK election, but then David Cameron stepped in and despite all parties granting support, blocked it because it was deemed to be a fringe issue. So what evidence was there for that? None … Read more

Cardinal O’Brian might hate the idea … but Scotland is going to give the nod to Gay Marriage

Cardinal O’Brian (the leader of the Catholic church in Scotland) has been running a vigorous campaign that touts gay marriage as inherently evil and immoral, yet Scotland is now ready to simply steamroller over all that and give it an official legal nod … why? As in interesting insight, Jane Carnall writes in the Guardian … Read more

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