Rightwing Republican Christians introduce bill in Oklahoma that will endorse gay marriage

The Popular Claim The news of what has just happened is explained in the UK’s Independent and many other places as follows … A bill that would restrict the right to marry to people of faith and require all marriage licenses to be approved by a member of clergy was approved by the Oklahoma state House … Read more

The “Biblical Definition of Marriage” is not what you think it is

Often when debating believers, a rather common tact taken is to hear something akin to the following declaration, “OK, you as an Atheist can do whatever you want, but I much prefer decency as defined in the Bible“. That of course is the cue to point out that the Bible endorses genocide and slavery as … Read more

Muslim groups in India want minimum marital age scrapped

Why or why is it always Islam that appears to be determined to drag everybody back into the stone age. India Today reports … Kerala’s nine prominent Muslim organisations led by the Muslim League have decided to approach the Supreme Court to exclude Muslim women from the law prescribing minimum marital age. According to them, … Read more

Cardinal O’Brian might hate the idea … but Scotland is going to give the nod to Gay Marriage

Cardinal O’Brian (the leader of the Catholic church in Scotland) has been running a vigorous campaign that touts gay marriage as inherently evil and immoral, yet Scotland is now ready to simply steamroller over all that and give it an official legal nod … why? As in interesting insight, Jane Carnall writes in the Guardian … Read more

If you’re so keen on traditional marriage, make sure you know what the traditions of marriage actually are

Nice article in the Telegraph today …Tom Chivers, their assistant comment editor points out that the folks who are stongly pushing the “traditional” marriage viewpoint might not appreciate what rests within the scope of that tradition. For example, we have Mitt Romney pushing the tradition of marriage being one man and one woman, yet … … … Read more

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