Catholic bishops not obliged to report clerical child abuse, Vatican says

I can only perhaps suggest just one simple response to the latest Guardian article, and basically it is – WTF! The article reads … Vatican guide says ‘not necessarily’ bishop’s duty to report suspects to police despite Pope Francis’s vows to redress Catholic church’s legacy of child abuse. The Catholic church is telling newly appointed … Read more

Archbishop claims he did not know sex with Children was a crime

Archbishop Robert Carlson has been making a few rather weird claims, no not the god turns into a cracker bit, but rather assertions regarding him having a complete lack of any kind of moral compass. The context here is that he has been deposed as part of a lawsuit against the Twin Cities archdiocese and the Diocese … Read more

Bodies of 800 babies, long-dead, found in septic tank at former Irish home for unwed mothers

I simply cannot let this pass without saying something, especially since I am myself born and bred in Ireland. As you are no doubt aware, a rather horrendous discovery has been recently made, a rather large number of unidentified remains were discovered in a water tank close to the Tuam mother-and-baby home in Galway.  So how did all this come … Read more

CII declares Minimum age for marriage un-islamic in Pakistan

Dawn, Pakistan’s oldest and most widely read English-language newspaper, brings us the rather astonishing news that the Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) concluded its 191th meeting with the ruling that the laws related to minimum age of marriage were un-Islamic and that children of any age could get married. This is manifests itself as far older … Read more

Islam Today – “Married” 60 times before the age of 18 – This is religious prostitution

Sex outside of marriage is frowned upon within Islam, so much so in fact that rape victims can end up jailed or even being stoned to death for the crime of being raped. Really? Sadly yes indeed, 13 year old Aisha Ibrahim Duhulow was brutality raped. When she reported this to the authorities, they put her … Read more

Even More Catholic Sex Abuse cases … this time in Scotland

If news of a 3.2 Earthquake striking London was reported, it would not only create mega headlines within the media, we would also be inundated with clips and comment for days to come. An event like that would come as a complete shock to many. However, if the news was that a 3.2 Earthquake struck … Read more

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