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Ali A. Rizvi has made a very interesting observation … When it comes to Islam then there are indeed two quite popular stances that are often adopted. On the one hand we have the rabidly hostile xenophobic anti-Muslim position and that is indeed well illustrated by folks such as Mr Trump. It consists of a belief that all … Read more

Claim: “Faith will prevail over Atheism”

Oxford Professor Alister McGrath most probably truly does believe that faith will prevail over non-belief, but if you are expecting his claim to be a well-reasoned evidence based one, then I’m afraid that you will be rather disappointed to discover that it is not, but is instead the usual religious hand-waving. The context here is that he delivered … Read more

Dialogue: Faith vs Reason

As a blogger it is perhaps inevitable that I get drawn into discussions on an almost daily basis, and often I learn new things by doing so. One recent example of this concerns an interaction that illustrates the prevailing conflict between reason and faith that can at times manifest. The background context is an article on WND, … Read more

The long reach of reason – Steven Pinker and Rebecca Newberger Goldstein

Now this is interesting, it’s a TED talk, but in a format I’ve never seen before – they have animated it, and also it is a duo, not a single individual. The TED site describes it as follows … In a time when irrationality seems to rule both politics and culture, has reasoned thinking finally … Read more

Request for legal protection of “Classical Electrodynamics”, a truly sacred book.

This is hilarious and is satire at its very best.  It first came out today and has been rapidly spreading through the Skeptical Echo Chamber  … PZ blogged it here …  Richard Dawkins has also Blogged it here (I think RD might be patient zero for this) … I also suspect many others will soon … Read more

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