Dialogue: Faith vs Reason

As a blogger it is perhaps inevitable that I get drawn into discussions on an almost daily basis, and often I learn new things by doing so. One recent example of this concerns an interaction that illustrates the prevailing conflict between reason and faith that can at times manifest. The background context is an article on WND, … Read more

Claim: Atheism is a faith

The right-wing intellectual David Horowitz, previously a left-wing intellectual who changed his mind in the mid 80s, makes a rather strange religious claim … Atheists are closed to faith. Or to put it more accurately, atheists are devotees of a faith that God does not exist. The atheist faith fosters contempt for religious belief and denies … Read more

Clueless Idiot of the week: Senator Jim Walsh of Fianna Fail in Ireland

Michael Nugent of Atheist Ireland has reported today that Senator Jim Walsh of Fianna Fail made the following sweepingly inaccurate comment about Atheist Ireland and also about atheists in general when he was speaking on the floor of the Irish Parliament. “We’ve got a lot of representations from liberal groups, and particularly Atheist Ireland, and … Read more

The “Certainty of Faith” vs “Skepticism”

The beating heart of modern science is skepticism, or to be more precise, Scientific Skepticism. This essentially means that when presented with a claim, is it not simply accepted, no matter who said it or how profound it might be, but instead you challenge the idea and ask if there is verifiable evidence that confirms it. This … Read more

Expressions of faith

An anonymous believer is complaining on News24 … Only the utterly desperate will continue to hide behind their keyboards with all their anonymous-atheist-deception and do the only thing can can do: write nonsensical atheist sermons for people to become indoctrinated into their small-minded atheist cult. Sigh! … I just broke my irony meter … an … Read more

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