The long reach of reason – Steven Pinker and Rebecca Newberger Goldstein

Now this is interesting, it’s a TED talk, but in a format I’ve never seen before – they have animated it, and also it is a duo, not a single individual. The TED site describes it as follows … In a time when irrationality seems to rule both politics and culture, has reasoned thinking finally … Read more

How can anybody raised on dogma and hate choose a different path?

Can anybody born into an environment that immerses them into dogma, irrational belief, and hatred ever break free? It can indeed be a truly challenging journey to make, but the answer is a resounding yes. To illustrate, here is a fabalous example – Zak Ebrahim was just seven years old when his father helped plan the … Read more

“Militant” Woo-Meisters attack TED, Accuses them of playing Game of Thrones

Yesterday I blogged about how TEDx has had a few problems with some of the third parties promoting bullshit instead of science (crystal therapy, Egyptian psychoaromatherapy, healing through the Earth, homeopathy and even “basic mind control”) and how the TEDx directors responded by issuing some really great guidance on how to filter out such bullshit. In reply, … Read more

How to spot bad science

The TED brand, run by the folks who hold annual conferences to spread good ideas, have some truly inspiring clips (available for free). If you are not familiar with them, go check a few out, you will not be disappointed, and as a tip for finding the cream, I’d recommend that you crowd-source and pick … Read more

TED – Reach out now and “Be Inspired”

The TED (Technology Entertainment and Design) conference is all about disseminating “ideas worth spreading.” and so every year since about 1990, the once-only 1984 conference has been happening every year. Ah, so its just another techi conference? Nope not at all, this is something truly special. The ticket price is $6,000 and even to attend … Read more

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