The exit of Christianity from the Public Square is NOT “Oppression”

While in transit through Heathrow I happened to pick up a copy of the New Statesman that had caught my eye. Because it had “God” plastered all over the front cover, I was curious to see what this was all about, so grabbed it. It was in fact Cristina Odone, a lady who has at times … Read more

Sometimes even smart people can be truly daft for what are essentially religious reasons

Cristina Odone is a journalist, novelist and broadcaster. She is also a Research Fellow at the Centre for Policy Studies, and a deputy editor of the New Statesman. That all sounds really impressive, so what’s the problem? What I have choked upon is her latest article in the Telegraph, it is packed full of not … Read more

Is religion a force for good… or would we be happier without God?

The Guardian has a fabulous article today …I’ve cut and pasted the start of it here, so that you get the flavor … if it hooks you, I’ve put a link at the end to the entire article so that you can read it all. Beware .. we have a couple of pro-religious kooks here, … Read more

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