Pakistani Muslim Doctor threatened for helping non-Muslim

The Guardian recounts the firsthand story written by a Muslim doctor about what happened when he treated a non-Muslim, and how it resulted in him completely changing his entire life and fleeing Pakistan. …one night while working an ER shift, when I received a patient needing urgent dialysis. Unattended and disheveled as he was, there … Read more

Kenyan Attorney General suspends registration of atheists’ society

What happens when belief dominates a society? This does, it is just happened in Kenya … Attorney General Githu Muigai suspends registration of atheists’ society Attorney General Githu Muigai has suspended the registration of the Atheists’ Society in Kenya following complaints from the clergy. … “Following receipt of representations made to the State Law Office by … Read more

Suffering at the hands of the highly religious

I was writing a couple of days about about the meaning of life, and pointed you at an article written by Tom Chivers that was a result of him asking atheists how they found meaning in life. Tom has another great article that is now up and in this one he asks “What is it like to … Read more

The pervasive and endemic intolerance of Islam

It is a sad fact there even in the 21st century, a 7th century mindset still prevails in some places. Is that a factual statement? Indeed it is, the above diagram illustrates the nations that have explicit laws that oppress those that dare to simply stop believing religious nonsense, and if you still doubt this, … Read more

#JeSuisCharlie #CharlieHebdo ‪#‎IllJokeWithYou

The phrase “Terrorist Attack” suddenly makes the headlines, and yet what happened was not a terrorist attack in the more traditional sense of the word. The word “Terrorism” is utilised to describe the deployment of violence in order to achieve a specific political goal, but there is nothing political about an attack on a satirical … Read more

British man and Saudi wife attacked by religious police

Gulf News reports the horrendous story about how the religious police hounded a British Man and his Saudi Wife and then attacked them. The story is that the Brit, Peter Haworth, and his Saudi wife were out shopping in a supermarket, and after collecting the goods they wanted, proceeded to a checkout that was reserved for … Read more

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