Sunday Sermon: “Humanism’s faith in reason represents our best hope”

A rather common retort from those who believe in a god is that without such a belief there is no morality and that we are instead apparently cast adrift to blow in the wind in whatever direction our desires might take us. I’m not quite sure what these believers think actually happens, perhaps they retain … Read more

Essay: Can an atheist be a fundamentalist? – AC Grayling

Can an atheist be a fundamentalist? – AC Grayling Published in the UK Guardian – May 2006 It is time to put to rest the mistakes and assumptions that lie behind a phrase used by some religious people when talking of those who are plain-spoken about their disbelief in any religious claims: the phrase “fundamentalist … Read more

Is religion a force for good… or would we be happier without God?

The Guardian has a fabulous article today …I’ve cut and pasted the start of it here, so that you get the flavor … if it hooks you, I’ve put a link at the end to the entire article so that you can read it all. Beware .. we have a couple of pro-religious kooks here, … Read more

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