Alex Jones – Reaping a Well-earned reward

alex jones

The reality of actions having consequences is fast catching up with Alex Jones. Back last April I was writing about the well-deserved defamation suits that he was being served with. Today there are several updates to bring you up to speed on. Initial Hearings for the Defamation Suits As was perhaps anticipated, nobody is rolling … Read more

Why do people believe in Conspiracy theories?

Whenever something dramatic happens, for example 9/11 or a school shooting, you are more or less guaranteed to find somebody popping up to explain that it is all part of some plot, and that behind this event there are puppet masters pulling the strings manipulating events. It’s supposedly a conspiracy of epic proportions. The Puppet … Read more

Weird beliefs: The Storm – Trumps war with the deep state

Remember that bizarre Roseanne Barr tweet that popped up not too long ago. It has been deleted because of all the flack it generated, so as a brief reminder, here is what she claimed … President Trump has freed so many children held in bondage to pimps all over this world. Hundreds each month. He has … Read more

Megyn Kelly’s Alex Jones interview

Megyn Kelly, in the role of an NBC anchor, has recorded an interview with Alex Jones. Where this attracts attention is that there has been a complete shitstorm even though it has not yet been broadcast. Both names are perhaps familiar. Megyn Kelly quit Fox News and joined NBC last January. Her latest thing is to … Read more

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