9/11 – The Conspiracy of Silence


Each year I put up a posting related to 9/11. It is perhaps a reflection of the date being burned into my brain. Key moments in history are like that, we often remember exactly where we were and what we were doing when we hear about something truly impactful. In the past I’ve written about … Read more

Was 9/11 a controlled demolition?

The events of 9/11 are very well documented, you really do not need me to rehash the details because there are many other highly reliable sources. The basic facts are spelled out on this Wikipedia page titled “September 11 attacks“. It describes the background, the actual attacks, the aftermath, the effects, and also lists the … Read more

Why do people believe 9/11 conspiracies?

I’ve tended to fall into the habit of saying something regarding 9/11 when the anniversary comes around. It is imprinted upon my memory and I can still recall where I was when I was first told what was happening. The Conspiracy There are specific things we do know. The events are well documented, I need not … Read more

Why do people believe in Conspiracy theories?

Whenever something dramatic happens, for example 9/11 or a school shooting, you are more or less guaranteed to find somebody popping up to explain that it is all part of some plot, and that behind this event there are puppet masters pulling the strings manipulating events. It’s supposedly a conspiracy of epic proportions. The Puppet … Read more

Was 9/11 a controlled demolition?

The TL;DR; answer is no 9/11 was not the result of a controlled demolition. For a slightly longer explanation read on. There are numerous YouTube clips and various websites that promote the idea that the collapse of the twin towers was not in any way related to the fully fueled commercial airliners being flown into … Read more

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