Project Drawdown: Climate Solutions 101 is live

There is a new free educational course called Climate Solutions 101 that is now live and online. Before we get into that let me first give you a quick bit of background on the creators of this. It comes via Project Drawdown. They are a nonprofit organization founded in 2014. Their goal is to help the world reach “Drawdown”— the future point in time when levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere stop climbing and start to steadily decline.

It was initiated by Paul Hawken and climate activist Amanda Joy Ravenhill. Central to the project is the compilation of a list of the “most substantive solutions to global warming”.

If you ever find yourself wondering, “What can we actually do?” then these are the folks to listen to.

They also have a comprehensive book called “Drawdown”. However, you can find their solutions all on their website here.

The goal is to get to Net Zero for what are (I hope) rather obvious reasons – The greatest threat ever faced by our species – Climate Change.

What sort of solutions?

You might of course wonder what solutions they propose. To give you an example, here is a randomly selected list of some of the many.


The above is simply a sample, that’s not the complete list. The solution is a combination, a mesh, of multiple things.

To work just one example. Today globally, 1% of energy is solar panels. We need to scale that up … way up. It is very cost effective – sixty-five cents per watt today. In many parts of the world this is cheaper than conventional power generation.

You can click on any of the above for precise details.

Climate Solutions 101 has now been launched

This is an educational effort focused solely on solutions. Rather than rehashing well-known climate challenges, Project Drawdown centers game-changing climate action based on its own rigorous scientific research and analysis.

Here is a one min trailer for it …

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