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The prevailing belief amongst Evangelicals has been the idea that they can happily ignore some rather blatantly in-you-face character failings and jump into bed with a Wolf because he will grant them the one thing their hearts truly desire – a seat or two on the Supreme Court. This week many are dancing with glee because their wet dream is within their grasp. With Justice Kennedy announcing his retirement, they envisage Trump appointing a right-wing conservative who will be the swing vote for key decisions that will deliver to them the ability to impost their religious beliefs by force upon everybody.

The problem with jumping into bed with a Wolf is that he does not see you as anything except his next meal, his motivation has always been self-serving. He will pander when it suits to gain access to the next morsel he wants to consume. The moment his motivation conflicts with theirs, he will simply turn upon them and proceed to devour without any remorse.

Their belief in him as God’s chosen hand might now appear to be granting them a sniff of some tasty fruit, but that is an illusion. This is not a road that will lead them to paradise.

The Big News Item of the week.

Just two words – Justice Kennedy …

  • Robert Jeffress declares that the retirement of Anthony Kennedy vindicates the Religious Right’s support for President Trump:

What is happening right now vindicates our decision to choose Donald Trump as president and I believe the #NeverTrump movement, still in evangelicalism, is going to be shut up forever.

  • Timothy Buchanan celebrates Kennedy’s retirement:

Approval of abortion and promotion of homosexual perversity are a repulsive stench in the nostrils of God and those of his people. These national sins may soon be eradicated.

Here are some responses to it all from those that are not religious …

  • Hey, Mike Huckabee, Moses Would Be a Horrible Candidate for the Supreme Court
  • Justice Kennedy’s Retirement Could Be a Disaster for Church/State Separation
  • Atheist Groups Respond to Retirement of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy
  • If the Next Supreme Court Bans Abortion, It Will Backfire on White Evangelicals

What else popped up in the News cycle During the Past seven days?

Some of the Cult of Trump devotees have been trumpeting that the end-times are upon us …

Criticism of Trump is still forbidden …

  • Pat Robertson tells those who don’t like what members of the Trump administration are doing to “keep your mouth shut.”

We are still getting Red Hen fallout …

Harvesting Immigration Kids is literally a thing for these people …

  • Ivanka Trump Gives Pastor $50,000 for “Immigration Ministry” Targeting Kids
  • Adding Insult to Injury, Migrant Kids Have to Recite the Pledge of Allegiance

Denial of basic human rights for religious reasons is still popular …

  • Aaron Klein, the owner of an Oregon bakery fined for refusing to provide wedding cakes to same-sex couples, appeared today on the radio program hosted by Kevin Swanson, who has repeatedly stated that the punishment for homosexuality should be death.
  • Matt Barber believes that the Southern Poverty Law Center will one day have to apologize for designating Liberty Counsel and others as anti-gay hate groups: “The SPLC will, mark my words, will be apologizing, will retract all of their propaganda and attempting to smear and defame mainstream Christian organizations.”
  • On Anniversary Of Obergefell, Anti-LGBTQ Activists Demand Public Officials Defy Supreme Court
  • Dave Daubenmire: ‘We Have Got To Re-Stigmatize Homosexuality’
  • Rob Pue says that he and his fellow Religious Right activists protest outside of women’s health clinics and at Pride parades because “God uses His people to warn the wicked. We do that. We take His Word seriously. We cannot, in good conscience, sit idly by, while the devil and his demons destroy our children and our nation, turning it to a Christ-less culture of debauchery and death. We must warn the wicked, intercede for the innocent and preach the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We cannot call ourselves ‘Christians’ and do any less.
  • Walgreens Pharmacist Refuses to Give Woman Medicine to Induce Miscarriage
  • Baptist Pastor: Godly Men Must Save America from “Bossy Women and Queers
  • Christian Hate Group: Buy Our Jesus Soap!

Utterly weird conspiracy claims also popped up. For some of these folks, being weird is quite normal …

“God made me do it” …

  • Man Who Attempted to Drown His Family Says He Was Just Trying to Baptize Them

“Satan made me do it” …

  • Track Star Who Purposely Killed Cyclist in Hit-and-Run: “It’s the Devil’s Fault”

Yet more Sexual abuse by those now dreaded words “Youth Pastor”. Often those interested in working with kids are way too “interested” ..

  • Youth Pastor Faces New Child Sex Charge After Arrest for Abusing Boy Under 16
  • Liberty University Professor Arrested for Online Sexual Exploitation of a Minor

Supernatural claims…

  • FL State Rep. Kim Daniels: I Cured a Friend’s Cancer with a CD of Bible Verses
  • Another Man Says He Saw Jesus During Coma, and Some Christians Are Eating It Up

Sadly we have another shooting and the inevitable “Thoughts and Prayers” but nothing else. Some are pushing back on that …

  • Capital Gazette Shooting Survivor: “I Couldn’t Give a F*** About” Your Prayers

Finally for this week, the Inquisition is apparently highly desirable and on the wish list …

  • Theodore Shoebat says that Sen. Lisa Murkowski is a “satanic witch [who] looks like she could use a good inquisition.”

… and the real kicker here is that all of the above comes from those that claim the high moral ground over just the past 7 days.

Its not all doom and gloom

  • Neo-Confederate and Christian nationalist extremist Michael Peroutka was defeated  in the Republican primary as he sought to retain his seat on the county council in Anne Arundel, Maryland.
  • Supreme Court Declines to Hear Case Involving Bigoted Christian Florist
  • Oregon Principal Who Pushed Bible on LGBTQ Students Reassigned to Middle School

When you vote for an incompetent buffoon then eventually the consequences will reach your doorstep … or in this case … church door …

  • The GOP’s Sloppy Tax Bill Has Finally Hit Churches… and Leaders Are Furious

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