Religious Persecution Today – Being the enemy of the state

Religious Persecution - The Christian Martyrs' Last Prayer, by Jean-Léon Gérôme (1883)

Because you hold a specific religious belief, you are deemed to be an enemy of the state and will go to jail until you recant. That would never happen today? Except it does. There are 41 countries that ban a specific religious group by law. Details are available via a Pew survey dated Nov 15, … Read more

Suffering at the hands of the highly religious

I was writing a couple of days about about the meaning of life, and pointed you at an article written by Tom Chivers that was a result of him asking atheists how they found meaning in life. Tom has another great article that is now up and in this one he asks “What is it like to … Read more

Is Atheism Evil?

Is Atheism Evil? For those that are wondering and can’t contain their suspense, the TL;DR; version is …. (insert drum roll here) … “no”. OK, so I’ve been inspired/provoked into writing a few comments in reply to a Huff Po article entitled “Is Atheism Evil?” by a chap called James Clark Kelly whose line is “Interfaith”, and … Read more

Lord Mayor leaves Islamic charity lunch after his lady consort told she had to sit downstairs

Sometimes I never cease to be amazed at the weird behaviour of some religious people. So the story is that Labour councillor John Thomas (pictured), 70, the Lord Mayor of Leicester, arrived at an annual fundraising event supported by around 20 university Islamic societies in the UK last Sunday with consort Margaret Corley, 72 and was … Read more

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