Saudi Religious Police getting trained in “Magic”

Much to my complete surprise, I came across a report that describes how the Saudi Religious Police are being trained in how to identify and stamp out magic. Seriously, they really are … Saudi Arabia’s influential religious police have started training its new members on how to fight magic and arrest those involved in black art in … Read more

9 year old suspended for threatening to deploy magic

This one left me scratching my head and wondering if we had received the full story. Nine year old Aiden Steward (pictured above) has apparently been suspended from school in Texas for threatening to deploy magic. The UK’s Telegraph reports … The eager Middle Earth fan ended up suspended from Kermit Elementary School, after telling a … Read more

Do you believe in Magic? … a religious cleric claims he does not, and that non-believers do.

Giles Fraser has been writing in the Guardian again, and yes, this is the C of E cleric who was once Cannon of St Paul’s but quit because he stuck to his principles and refused to eject protesters outside the cathedral. Anyway, he is arguing against magic, and uses that term to describe an irrational … Read more

I have no clue what caused this, so obviously it was magic …. right! …. er no.

A rather common argument that often gets presented for a God claim is to simply point at the world, then claim that it quite obviously could not have just happened so obviously god is real. Here is an Islamic variation for you … if you look at the orderliness and the interdependence of all living … Read more

Ghosts, UFO’s, Monsters – In the Mind’s eye

There is a fascinating article that has just been published in “New Scientist”. It motivates me to blog and make a few observations regarding Ghosts, UFO’s, monsters and other similar claims. But before I go there, lets first take a quick scan of the article … The mind’s eye: How the brain sorts out what … Read more

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