Meriam Ibrahim not being released

News has been circulating in the media that Meriam Ibrahim, the woman under sentence of death in Sudan for marrying a Christian, is to be released. For example … BBC here Guardian here Sadly this is not true, her lawyer has advised Channel 4 as follows … Ms Ibrahim’s lawyer Elshareef Ali Elshareef Mohammed told Channel 4 … Read more

Sudan: Pregnant mother sentenced to hang for her beliefs. Act now for Meriam

Yesterday, I blogged about how Meriam Ibrahim sits on death row in Sudan for the “crime” of getting married to a non-Muslim, and now we have an update. Today Amnesty International UK has an action campaign rolling … Yes, you can now take some action here that can potentially make a real difference. Take Action – Go here, then click Take … Read more

Why has a Pregnant Woman in Sudan been sentenced to death this week?

Pictured above is Meriam Ibrahim with her husband, Daniel Wani, at their 2011 wedding.  Today she sits on death row in Sudan for the “crime” of getting married to a non-Muslim. The new York Daily News reports … A distraught and desperate husband who traveled from New Hampshire to Sudan has been allowed to visit his … Read more

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