Meriam Ibrahim not being released

Meriam IbrahimNews has been circulating in the media that Meriam Ibrahim, the woman under sentence of death in Sudan for marrying a Christian, is to be released.

For example …

Sadly this is not true, her lawyer has advised Channel 4 as follows

Ms Ibrahim’s lawyer Elshareef Ali Elshareef Mohammed told Channel 4 News that she is currently being held in the hospital ward of a prison that is overcrowded and “not a proper place” for a new mother. Ms Ibrahim gave birth to her baby daughter this week with her feet chained together, he added.

Ms Ibrhaim, whose father is Muslim but who was raised a Christian, has been condemned to death in Sudan for marrying a Christian.

A senior Sudanese official has told the BBC and other media outlets that Ms Ibrahim would be freed in a few days, but her lawyer told Channel 4 News that this was “absurd” and that the family has not been told there was any chance of her release from jail.

Mr Elshareef said that any decision to release her would have to be made by an appeal court, not a government official, and that it would take months, rather than days, to process the appeal. He said the senior Sudanese official quoted in the media was believe to be visitng the UK at the moment, and added: “One person in the UK (the official) saw the UK media, and wanted to stop the campaign (for her release).”

Earlier on Saturday, the prime minister joined Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg in condemning the treatment of the 27-year-old, and said he was “absolutely appalled” when he heard about her plight.

In other words, the media has been played by an official who simply wanted to shutdown the very vocal criticism, and so lied.

We need to keep the pressure up until it has actually been resolved, and cut off all aid to Sudan.

Here is the Channel 4 report.

Channel 4 goes on to report …

Mr Elshareef said that Ms Ibrahim owns a small supermarket, a farm and a woman’s beauty salon, and that she could have been reported to the police by people who wanted to take over her businesses. Contrary to some reports, the lawyer denied that her family members had reported her to the police.

Mr Cameron said the way she is being treated was “barbaric” and said: “Religious freedom is an absolute, fundamental human right.”

He added: “I urge the government of Sudan to overturn the sentence and immediately provide appropriate support and medical care for her and her children. The UK will continue to press the government of Sudan to act.”

… The imprisonment of Ms Ibrahim and her son in February this year, has prompted widespread global anger, and an Amnesty International petition urging Sudan to spare her the death sentence has garnered over 180,000 signatures.

So go sign the Amnesty International petition (it is actually up to 226,000 now), and spread the news, she is not being released, we need to keep the pressure up.

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