Climate Change: ‘The extraordinary years have become the normal years’

The old normal is gone, we are now watching an astonishing degree of unprecedented change happening in the Arctic. Chris Mooney writes in the Washington Post about the proceedings of a group a scientists who study Arctic climate system. They have been having a meeting in Washington DC at the National Press Club that was sponsored by SEARCH (the … Read more

Practical Notes: Using Google to find out what is really true?

Today I’ll try something slightly different and will instead offer a few notes on how to leverage Google to find stuff out. I should however start with one very important observation, Google search is just a tool, and like any other tool it is perhaps akin to a piece of rope that you can either climb with … Read more

A Muslim search engine called ‘Halalgoogling’ has been launched

There is a story in the Times of India about a new search engine that has been launched in Pakistan called “Halalgoogling”. Basically it does a search using Google or Bing, then filters out un-Islamic content in order to render Islamic approved results. I tried it out, and sure enough it does what it claims … Read more

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