Has a Google AI really become Self-Aware?


You might perhaps have seen the news that a Google Engineer has become convinced that an artificial intelligence that they created has become ‘sentient’ (self-aware). Is this true, has this AI called LaMDA really become self-aware? Short answer – no. Slightly longer answer – Seriously, just no. So what is going on here, what has … Read more

Practical Notes: Using Google to find out what is really true?

Today I’ll try something slightly different and will instead offer a few notes on how to leverage Google to find stuff out. I should however start with one very important observation, Google search is just a tool, and like any other tool it is perhaps akin to a piece of rope that you can either climb with … Read more

Pac-Man is now available in Google Maps … yes really

Nothing serious today, time for a break. So when it comes to April 1st, Google won the Internet for the day (and perhaps every other day as well). Go to Google Maps, click any location, then right beside the usual satellite view, click that new logo, and it renders the map into a Pac-Man game that … Read more

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