Arctic Report Card: It’s worse than you think


Starting in 2006 an annual Arctic report card has been published by NOAA. The 2018 Report card is now available, and it is not exactly good news. The more appropriate word is perhaps “dire”. The 2018 Report Card Here is a brief summary of it all … Highlights Surface air temperatures in the Arctic continued to … Read more

2017 Arctic Report card published by NOAA

For the past 12 years now NOAA has been published an annual Arctic Report card and the 2017 issue is now available on-line. The report card exists because something quite extraordinary has been happening in the Arctic and 2017 has not seen any pause in that. Highlights Arctic shows no sign of returning to reliably … Read more

What does the latest Arctic Report Card tell us? – #Climate

The annual Arctic Report card has been published and it spells out some rather dire facts. Global warming in the Arctic region is accelerating and 2016 has been the warmest Arctic year ever recorded. “temperatures in the region continue to climb at double the rate of the planet as a whole.“ What is the Annual … Read more

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