NOAA has 2017 stats: Climate disasters cost US $306 billion

Climate Disasters

Addressing Climate Change is often perceived to be a costly effort and so some might argue that doing nothing is a viable option. The problem with that thought is that the cost of doing nothing is going to increase year by year. NOAA has now completed calculating the numbers for 2017 and the costs adds … Read more

Top 3 Items of Religious Weirdness in 2017

Normally, once per week, I write up a posting that spotlights my personal selection of the top three items of religiously inspired weirdness that happened during the past seven days. Today however, for rather obvious reasons, I’m looking back over the past calendar year to pick out the top three items of religious weirdness. Rather … Read more

2017 Arctic Report card published by NOAA

For the past 12 years now NOAA has been published an annual Arctic Report card and the 2017 issue is now available on-line. The report card exists because something quite extraordinary has been happening in the Arctic and 2017 has not seen any pause in that. Highlights Arctic shows no sign of returning to reliably … Read more

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