Weird Religious News From the past week

weird religious news

It is becoming a regular theme for me to preface this weekly posting of weird religious news with a rather important caveat – Don’t generalise. The vast majority of humans, regardless of their specific beliefs or complete lack of any belief don’t behave like this. The point here is not to demonise people for having a … Read more

Weekly World Religious News

Abuse is the theme this week. Over and over, stories of religious abuse emerge. People in positions of trust continue to abuse such positions and often the religious response is to cover it all up and pretend it has not happened. During the past seven days the following tragic stories have emerged. Item 1 – Pastor … Read more

Weekly Weird Religious News

Normally this is a weekly posting, but I skipped doing it last week because I was at QED. So what happens this week, will I scan over 14 days worth of news, or will I simply stick to looking back over 7 days? I’ll stick to scanning over the past 7 days. If I had … Read more

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