Christian College Punishes student for reporting Sexual Assault

What follows is quite frankly a truly insane story. It is one that popped up on NBC News on April 29, 2022. That was an update on a sexual assault that happened last November. What happened? Student Mara Louk, who attended Visible Music College, was sexually assaulted by a male classmate last November. It was … Read more

200 lashes for being raped in Saudi Arabia

Actions have consequences, and in this specific instance, the utterly absurd actions are those that are being deployed by the religious authorities in Saudi Arabia. AAI reports (with links to their source) … According to The Info Post, a Saudi Arabian woman must be accompanied by a male guardian — typically relative — at all times … Read more

Apologies to all … I got this very wrong

A few days back I posted the Amnesty International petition for the claim that two sisters had been sentenced to be raped from something that another family member had done. It turns out that the claim was false. As highlighted by the Friendly Atheist … Reporters for Reuters have been looking for confirmation of this … Read more

Take Action: Two Sisters to be raped as punishment – Please demand justice

UPDATE (8th Sept) – The claim that the two sisters were sentenced to be raped appears to be false, so you can ignore this petition – my apologies. Here is an Amnesty International petition for you to sign – Please do not skip this, international attention truly does get results. I’ve lifted the following directly from … Read more

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