What gets you a Death Sentence in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia has a justice system whose reputation merits a closer look; they appear to be rather fond of chopping off heads, and so you can’t help but wonder what crimes motivate them to start slicing. As I’m sure you are aware, Saudi Arabia is a highly religious society, and so their judicial system is basically … Read more

200 lashes for being raped in Saudi Arabia

Actions have consequences, and in this specific instance, the utterly absurd actions are those that are being deployed by the religious authorities in Saudi Arabia. AAI reports (with links to their source) … According to The Info Post, a Saudi Arabian woman must be accompanied by a male guardian — typically relative — at all times … Read more

EDL leader jailed for being illegal immigrant

This is an old story from last January, but oh so nice … and yes I only just came across it … apparently it takes me almost nine months to catch up with stories in the Telegraph. I’m highlighting it because I thought that you might enjoy seeing a racist plonker get his comeuppance. Tommy Robinson (apparently … Read more

Canon law has allowed Catholic abuse priests to escape punishment

There is an interesting article in today’s UK Guardian that states the position now being taken by Geoffrey Robertson QC, the lawyer engaged to seriously consider a legal challenge against the pope. His book, “The Case of the Pope”, is published tomorrow, so unless you have been living on MARS for the past five years, … Read more

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