Healing Crystals cause a great deal of serious harm.

Healing Crystals

Often when faced with some pseudoscientific stuff that appears to be benign, it can be very tempting to think “Well, what is the harm“. Only later do we discover that it comes with a heavy price, one that has a considerably negative impact. One such example concerns the rising popularity of Healing Crystals. The Guardian … Read more

Exploring Science Denial – New study published

A new paper has been published within the Personality and Social Psychology bulletin entitled  … Not All Skepticism Is Equal: Exploring the Ideological Antecedents of Science Acceptance and Rejection We report three studies—including an analysis of large-scale survey data—in which we systematically investigate the ideological antecedents of general faith in science and willingness to support … Read more

Why is pseudoscience so enticing?

We are awash with pseudoscientific claims that look scientific, dress scientifically, sound sciency, but in reality are not. We need never look too far nor too hard to find an example, and so clearly such public popularity should perhaps cause us to pause and wonder why it is like this, why do so many cling on … Read more

Why are some inclined to embrace Bullshit as truth?

We live in a world that is awash with rather a lot of pseudoscientific claims that are pure grade one gold plated Bullshit, and so it is worth thinking about why some are very susceptible to such influences and others demonstrate a robust immunity to it all. A fascinating paper that yields some insights has been published within the journal Judgment … Read more

Deepak Chopra upset about his Wikipedia page being factual

Over in the Huff Po (well yes, they can act like woo central at times), we have an article that consists entirely of Deepak Chopra expressing his complete and utter frustration about his Wikipedia page being evidence based … to paraphrase, “how dare you question things like telepathy, minds without bodies, and “quantum consciousness”. Oh, and … Read more

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