Can the new #WikiTribune by Jimmy Wales succeed?

When Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, listened to Kellyanne Conway talking about alternative facts, his response was not to simply rant, but instead to come up with a decisive plan to tackle the problem. From this “alternative inspiration” was born his vision of blending the Wikipedia model with News and so now we have the … Read more

Deepak Chopra upset about his Wikipedia page being factual

Over in the Huff Po (well yes, they can act like woo central at times), we have an article that consists entirely of Deepak Chopra expressing his complete and utter frustration about his Wikipedia page being evidence based … to paraphrase, “how dare you question things like telepathy, minds without bodies, and “quantum consciousness”. Oh, and … Read more

Jimmy Wales responds to a daft petition

There are some whom you simply have to applaud for their decency, common sense and willingness to strive to make the world a truly better place. One such example of that is Jimmy Wales, the chap who founded and promotes Wikipedia (Oh and yes, that back there rather ironically is a link to his own … Read more

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