Dramatic and very sudden changes at the #JREF

In a rather sudden announcement on a labour day weekend, the James Randi Educational Foundation has announced that they are closing their LA office and moving their operations to Virginia in order to save money, that DJ Grothe is no longer with the JREF, and that this restructuring is all part of an enhanced educational agenda. That is all … Read more

Live Million Dollar Challenge at #TAM2014

I’m attempting to write a few notes on the JREF Million dollar paranormal challenge as it actually happens here at #TAM2014, and so right now I’m sitting here on the front row waiting for things to start. Every year at TAM (The Amazing Meeting) a live million dollar paranormal challenge is conducted and anybody who … Read more

Education: – FREE Critical Thinking Lesson Plans from the JREF

Now this is neat and well worth supporting, you can download FREE lesson plans from the JREF to enable you to teach critical thinking and scientific inquiry. There are basically four NEW options as follows: Pareidolia: Do You See What You Think You See? Illusions: Our Visual System Cognition: Are You Rational? Power Balance: Sports … Read more

The Honest Liar

Jamy Ian Swiss uses the term “The Honest Liar” to describe himself, so what exactly is he on about? Well, the term is wholly appropriate and accurate because he is in fact a world renowned sleight of hand performer who specializes in close-up card magic, in other words his full-time career is to fool you. The deal is that … Read more

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