2012 Pigasus Awards Announcement is out now

Yep, it’s that time of year again, this year’s Pigasus Awards have been announced. It is about here that some might be wondering “the what award? OK, first let me explain. Each year the JREF pokes a bit of fun at the parapsychological, paranormal or psychic community by granting it to those who have done something spectacularly daft. In fact, when … Read more

Zombie Horde to Carry Psychic Challenge

Talking to the dead is quite real, it happens all the time. However, what is truly tricky is getting them to talk back. It might sound weird, but there are indeed folks out there who have made a full-time career out of talking on behalf of the dead. This presents two options:- Its real, and … Read more

Famous Psychics and the $1 Million challenge

Not too long ago, the James Randi Educational Foundation (JREF) appeared on ABC’s Primetime Nightline where some famous psychics put their trickery up on display. It was obvious to most what was going on, the psychics knew before the show who they were doing a reading on, and … gasp … came back with information readily available via google, yet when asked to do a reading for others, declined with some excuse.

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$1 Million is yours – If you can prove you have Psychic powers

The $1 Million challenge has been around for quite some time now, in fact it dates back to 1968. Basically, if you can provide objective proof of the supernatural under controlled conditions, then you get $1 million. There must have been a few winners by now … right? Er no, none.

About 1000 people have had a go and so far there has been a 100% failure rate – (gasp what a surprise).

Well, the latest news is that the JREF has upped the ante. Ben Radford writes about that on Discovery News here, where he explains …

The James Randi Educational Foundation(JREF) has announced that it is publicly offering $1 million to celebrity “psychic mediums” including James Van Praagh, Allison DuBois, Sylvia Browne, Carla Baron, John Edward, and others if they can prove their abilities in controlled experiments.

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JREF on ABC’s Primetime Nightline, Weds. 10pm / 9pm Central

I’ve cut and pasted the following article written by Sadie Crabtree  from here …


Wednesday night at 10:00pm (9:00pm Central), ABC’s Primetime Nightline will air a one-hour special on psychic abilities.

James Randi, along with JREF President D.J. Grothe, JREF’s Million Dollar Challenge Director Banachek, and advisor Jamy Ian Swiss, worked with Nightline producers on two of the segments and participated in three days of taping, including the JREF’s first-ever open Million Dollar Challenge event where hundreds of New York City psychics were invited to take our tests.

Watch ABC’s 30-second teaser for the show here, click “Read More” for behind-the-scenes photos, and make sure to watch Wednesday night!

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Five Reasons Not to Miss TAM Vegas 2011

TAM-9 Coming up soon … here is a link to their web site for details. Five Reasons Not to Miss TAM 2011 If you miss the inimitable George Hrab as TAM emcee, you’ll be puzzling over all the in-jokes for the next year while your skeptical friends are LOLing. Penn Jillette’s Private Rock & Roll, … Read more

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