Traditional vs Alternative cancer treatments – which works best?

Researchers at Yale university asked themselves a question about cures for cancer … “Do people who opt for Alternative Treatments for cancer have a better outcome and survive longer?” If indeed people are better off with an alternative treatment, then that’s a rather important discovery.  After studying this they have written up the results and … Read more

Quackery and Cancer Care

Brian Palmer has a great article over in slate all about the deployment of Reiki and reflexology as cancer cures. He writes … Most treatments at U.S. cancer centers are evidence-based and cutting-edge. In recent years, however, some of our great temples of healing have begun to dabble in the unscientific and the prescientific. Integrative care centers … Read more

Experience: I tried to ‘cure’ gay people

The Guardian had a great article yesterday by a chap called Jeremy Marks. In it he describes how back in the 80’s he started a group called “Courage” with the primary aim of “Curing” gay folks. He himself was, and still is, gay. He writes … …in 1986, I came across a group called the True Freedom Trustand went … Read more

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