Traditional vs Alternative cancer treatments – which works best?

cancer cure - alternative medicine

Researchers at Yale university asked themselves a question about cures for cancer … “Do people who opt for Alternative Treatments for cancer have a better outcome and survive longer?” If indeed people are better off with an alternative treatment, then that’s a rather important discovery.  After studying this they have written up the results and … Read more

Cancer patients using alternative medicine face greatly increased risk of death

A study was published last year that highlights and underlines the impact of alternative medicine for cancer patients. It is worth reviewing it in order to appreciate that opting for alternative medicine instead of the conventional is a very bad idea. What the study reveals is that if you decide to use alternative medicine as a replacement … Read more

Does “Ultra Processed” food really cause cancer?

Various  reputable media outlets are reporting the news that a study has been published that links the consumption of “Ultra processed” foods to cancer. For example … BBC – Ultra-processed foods ‘linked to cancer’ The Guardian – Ultra-processed foods may be linked to cancer, says study Even the UK’s National Health Service has published guidance – Ultra-processed foods … Read more

Do Cell Phones cause Cancer?

Over the years various health-scare stories have popped up regarding the supposed dangers of cell-phone radiation causing cancer. This plays very much into the observation that literally billions of humans now use cell phones and so if the danger is real then that is something that we should not only understand but come to terms … Read more

Treating Cancer – snake oil does not actually work

The Good Thinking Society has posted up a list that reviews for a lot of Alternative Medicine treatments that are claimed as cures for Cancer … Good Thinking are extremely concerned about fundraising appeals designed to raise money for seriously ill people to receive alternative therapies that are not considered mainstream and are typically not … Read more

Is Coffee good or bad for you and does it cause cancer?

Did you know that coffee was part of the Group 2b list of foods that are “carcinogenic to humans”? (Group 2b meant that officially it “possibly” caused cancer). Well if you did, and still drank it, then you can now rest a tad easier. This is because WHO have now removed it from that list. You can … Read more

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