Do Cell Phones cause Cancer?

cell phones cause cancer

Over the years various health-scare stories have popped up regarding the supposed dangers of cell-phone radiation causing cancer. This plays very much into the observation that literally billions of humans now use cell phones and so if the danger is real then that is something that we should not only understand but come to terms … Read more

Do Mobile Phones Cause Cancer?

Once again the concerns regarding the use of mobile phones arise zombie like from the grave and is striking fear into some hearts as it stalks the land. Daily Mail … There is a link between mobile phones and cancer: Radio waves emitted by devices ‘increase the risk of brain and heart tumours’ The Independent … … Read more

Mobile Phones – Safe or not safe?

No doubt you heard about  the recent press release from the World Health Organization, saying there is a “possible” link between cell phones and brain cancer. Wow, the WHO and not just some crank, so it must be true … yes?

But wait, what about all the studies showing no link at all between cell phones and health issues … confused yet – perhaps some doubt lingers in your mind? Well, the latest news is that you are quite safe. The UK’s NHS (National Health Service) has a nice summary.

Here is a quick outline:

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