Extensions to #MeToo brings us #ChurchToo

#MeToo #ChurchToo

You are hopefully familiar with the #MeToo twitter tag. Just over a month ago it went viral as a very public grassroot shout to denounce sexual assault and harassment. It was triggered by the very public accusations against Harvey Weinstein. Literally million of people used it to come forward and so the scale of abuse and harassment … Read more

Weekly Weird Religious News

In a week that has seen the revelations regarding Roy Moore ramp up and up, you do have to wonder if he is simply one lone isolated case that stands out as a contrast to the normal. Yes he is … in the sense that most people with or without a specific belief generally do … Read more

Is it possible to break away and escape from Quiverfull?

OK, for those that do not know, let’s ask this – “What the heck is Quiverfull?”. Well, basically it is a specific religious fundamentalist belief that women should be churning out as many babies as possible because that is what they believe god wants, so birth control or any kind of family planning is very … Read more

“Asian” is the wrong word for what happened in #Rotherham

There has been rather a lot of news in the UK regarding the horrendous volume of abuse that has been discovered to have been taking place in Rotherham, by “Asian” men. What has also been exposed is that both the police and also the social services turned a blind eye to it all. Professor Alexis Jay, author of the … Read more

Pell #AbuseInquiry

Warning: Today I’m off on a bit of a rant, so if factual disclosures of what some cretinous lunatics have been doing leaves you feeling a tad queasy, then you might want to skip the rest. Cardinal George Pell, Australia’s top Catholic, went before an abuse inquiry to answer some questions, can you possibly guess why?  He was speaking … Read more

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