Creationism Rejected by all 14 Texas textbook publishers

Not everybody is a complete idiot, in fact most people are generally quite sensible, and yet there are indeed some complete are utter fools around as well. Take for example the Conservative Christians on the Texas State Board of Education that have been attempting to insert religious superstition into science textbooks for years by attempting to smuggle into the Texas science curriculum materials supportive of Biblical Creationism, also known as Intelligent Design.

They “believe” I get that, and best of luck to them in embracing such superstitious nonsense. What they don’t get to do however, is to try and force-feed their irrational bullshit to the rest of the population.

Well … the good news is that the text book publishers agree, as announced here …

We have now had our first look at changes publishers have submitted in response to objections — many of them attacks on evolution and climate change science — raised by official state review teams evaluating new science textbooks for Texas. And we have very encouraging news:

All 14 publishers are refusing to water down or compromise instruction on evolution and climate change in their proposed new high school biology textbooks.

These publishers deserve our thanks for standing up to pressure from right-wing politicians and activists working to corrupt the science in our children’s textbooks.

So there you have it then, common sense can indeed prevail at times.

Oh and to save you the bother of getting all hot and bothered, no Creationism is not “science”, not even if you re-badge it “Intelligent Design”, and get a few religious scientists to claim that it is, there is exactly zero evidence for this religious superstition. If you wish to make that assertion that you first need to go do some real science, gather real data and publish it within a reputable science journal … and then, and only then have you even begun to start a conversation with the scientific community.

Today there is not one single peer-reviewed article that contains any real data and published within a reputable science journal that offers any support for “Intelligent Design”.

Intelligent design is about as scientifically credible an alternative to evolution as the stork theory is a credible alternative that explains human reproduction.

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