Tim Minchin has a few words of wisdom for you – nine life lessons

Tim Minchin, while receiving honorary doctorate awarded to him by The University of Western Australia last month, had a few words of wisdom that you might enjoy … to be specific nine life lessons. As a quick summary, they are …

  1. You Don’t Have To Have A Dream.
  2. Don’t Seek Happiness
  3. Remember, It’s All Luck
  4. Exercise
  5. Be Hard On Your Opinions
  6. Be a teacher.
  7. Define Yourself By What You Love
  8. Respect People With Less Power Than You.
  9. Don’t Rush.

You can watch him explain it all below as he gave his address, or if you prefer, you can simply read a transcript here.

If you are not sure who Tim his, then here are a few clips you might enjoy … oh and be warned, if you are in any way religious, then I’d strongly encourage you not to watch because you will be offended if you do …

The Pope Song (NSFW) …

Ten Foot C*ck And A Few Hundred Virgins …

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