YouTube clip that mocks ISIS

Gay_ISIS_propaganda_video_-_YouTubeBe warned, this is NSFW, but also quite hilarious.

Somebody has taken an ISIS propaganda clip and injected a new translation, one that completely mocks their mindset.

I can see one commenter in YouTube observed “Hey, I speak arabic and this is not what they are saying?” … er well yes, that’s the point, this is designed to mock them, not promote them.

(Apparently YouTube took their version down, so here is the live leak copy)

You might wonder if it is appropriate to mock individual people like this and not simply mock ideas. My thinking there is that if you have signed up and joined ISIS, then the gloves are off, because everything they stand for is the complete opposite of basic human rights and decency.

You might also wonder if satire like this is an appropriate response. I’d argue in reply that it is perhaps the best possible response. Engaging on an intellectual level to combat an utterly absurd and complete irrational psychological state of mind will not be effective; mocking them is instead a far more effective means of breaking that spell.

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