A real exam you really want to be proud to fail

In the “You have just got to be fracking kidding me” category, we have the following exam, it was circulated a couple of weeks ago on FB by Elise Andrew at “I F’ing Love Science”, and has now been reposted with verification that it is real and not simply a bit of satire designed to mock creationism. You can find it here on “I F’ing Love Science” on Facebook where she writes …

A few weeks ago I posted this 4th grade science quiz. Yesterday I re-shared it, and included a link to its verification.

Today I woke up and found out that the photograph had been removed. Typically when Facebook removes an image, the admin I who posted it received an alert informing them that their image was reported for nudity/harassment/whatever. I received no such alert and still have no idea why the image was removed. It does not violate any of Facebook’s terms and conditions.

When I went to repost the image with the verification link, I was told that the link had been marked as “spam or abusive” and that it cannot be posted on Facebook anymore. Luckily it was a bitly link, so here’s the original: http://www.snopes.com/photos/signs/sciencetest.asp

Folks, this isn’t about religion. This is about science. And this is NOT science. It does not belong in a science class, ever.

I don’t often ask you to share something, but I would truly appreciate it if everyone could share this image in solidarity. Keep religion out of science classes, it doesn’t belong there.

Edit: the original photo is now back up! Wow, I kinda feel like we achieved something here.

TYpLJpO (1)So it is real, or have we all been successfully spoofed?

Alas, all quite real, Snoops has the details, including who provided the school with this, and also the name of the school. Below (for the curious) is another page …

This is not learning, it is indoctrination … with stuff like this going on, I’m afraid the next generation is going to have to come to terms with creationist nutters.

If you look at question 12 above, you can see the problem right there “What is the History book of the Universe” … “the bible”. That belief is the root of all this, everything else here flows from that. Once you buy into that idea, then thinking that a 600 year old chap placed every species of animal on the entire planet into a boat is not a problem.

This material has been provided by “Answers in Genesis”, it is exactly the same as some material on one of their DVDs. So who exactly are they are what are they all about?

Answers in Genesis

  • They advocate a young earth form of creationism and justify this by asserting a literal interpretation of the book of Genesis. They completely reject the modern scientific consensus on cosmology, geology, linguistics, palaeontology and evolutionary biology, and instead assert that the entire universe was created 6,000 years ago. – When this creation event happened, it must have been a great shock to all the civilizations that were flourishing at the time.
  • It has its origins within Australia, and is currently led in the US by Ken Ham. In about 2006 there was a bit of a bust up, AiG US, along with their UK office, spilt from the worldwide AiG and went independent. The worldwide AiG re-branded as CMI (Christian Ministries International), thus leaving AiG US as the sole retainer of the AiG brand.
  • In 2007 AiG opened a well-funded Creationist Museum in Kentucky. This is an edifice to ignorance that actively promotes young earth creationism, and is famous for its life-size animatronic dinosaurs in the Garden of Eden (yes really, they claim humans and dinosaurs happily lived together). It was built using $27 million in private donations.
  • They are also famous for their full-scale replica of Noah’s ark that is still being built
  • They claim that unicorns are real – (Facepalm)
  • They also claim that dragons are real – (I’m now bashing my head against the wall)
  • AiG is so bizarrely crazy that other creationists label them “Wilfully Ignorant” and that they “deliberately mislead”.
  • In 1998 they interviewed Richard Dawkins by tricking him into thinking it was a scientific interview and did not tell him they were creationists. The edited tape was used as “evidence” that they had questions that he was unable to answer, when it fact all they had actually recorded was the moment that the penny dropped and he realised he had been conned into an interview by a bunch of kooks.

The fact that they not only exist and thrive does not in any way cast doubt upon evolution as a well-established scientific fact, but instead confirms that belief can successfully blind smart intelligent people to the nature of reality, the foundation they rest upon is not evidence-based, but is instead religious.

What is a real worry here is that they have managed to get their lunacy into an educational establishment, (a private one), and by doing so have successfully torpedoed the primary goal of education by replacing it with indoctrination.

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