Speaking In Tongues – Posting on Medium


As a small experiment, I’ve setup an account on Medium. There I have published one story today. https://skeptic-dave.medium.com/speaking-in-tongues-what-is-really-going-on-694eb703b39d It is an article in which I take a look at the concept of “Speaking in Tongues”. Yes, I wrote something on that a few years back, but it has been some time. It could do with … Read more

Spring Clean

You might, or perhaps might not have noticed, that I’ve done a bit of a spring clean. This is where I now proceed to babble about that a bit. From the readers viewpoint, it is a new look via a new WP theme, but under the covers a lot more is going on. The User … Read more

Sex, Lies, and Blog Statistics – the top 5 from 2014

Time for me to indulge myself in a little rant about the increasing pervasiveness of what can best be termed click-bait, but first, since it is January 1, I’ll start with a bit of crowd sourcing by taking a quick look at the statistics to see which of my posts got the most views in 2014. Here are the … Read more

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