On the road and not blogging right now

Sorry folks … I am on the road at the moment with very little or zero online access. I appear to be able to have a small sip here right now in a tiny little town on the edge of death valley but will soon be off the grid once again … slow access makes it impossible … think sucking treacle via a straw and you will then get the idea of the experience.

I have been hiking in the Grand Canyon, and can now claim rim to rim … both ways. I’ll write up a few notes on that later with a few pictures – there were a few surprises for me. If interested in doing it, I’ll provide some hints and tips so that you can learn from me what not to do because as usual I made a few big mistakes along the way.

Next up is Death Valley tomorrow (well my 13 year old and her brother did ask me for somewhere warmer when I had them camping out on ice and snow last year up on Mt Rainier, so I guess one of the hottest places on the planet qualifies.

Normal blogging will resume in due course.

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