Wine at the Edinburgh Science Festival

They appear to have been having a bit of fun at the Edinburgh Science Festival. As a side note, thats running from 8-22 April, so if you are in the area, then you might like to check it out, details can be found here.

Anyway, so what happens when you get a bunch of science folks together? Well, they came up with an idea for a blind test to see if Wine costing less than £5 a bottle can have the same effect on the palate as those priced up to six times as much. Now since this is a psychological taste challenge you just know that Professor Richard Wiseman has got to be in the mix somewhere, and sure enough he is, his students ran the test and he announced the results. [As another side note, Richard is not only a truly cool bloke, and a leading skeptic in the UK, but also has some very well-written books you might like to check out, I’ll give you a few links later].

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