Can we be confident that NASA are right?

NASA GISTEMP for April 2019

Via NASA, we have the GISS Surface Temperature Analysis. This is an estimate of global surface temperature change that is issued around the middle of every month and gives us a chart that shows us what is going on. Here for example is the illustration by NASA of 2018 in context … A bit of … Read more

The Climate of deception

I better start with a statement to make something very clear – human caused climate change is very real, it is the most challenging event that our species will ever face, doing nothing is not an option. The objective of this posting is to illustrate one of the common patterns of the deliberate deception used … Read more

Record Warmth in Arctic not possible without Global Warming

If you keep you finger on the Global Warming pulse then you will be familiar with the observations of record warmth in the Arctic during the winter of 2016. Research by NOAA has now confirmed that this was not a natural event, a black swan, and would not have been possible in a world without … Read more

Will a Warming Arctic lead to more winter storms?

A new study published within Nature Communications on 13th March shows that there appears to be a robust relationship between a warming Arctic and more severe winter weather further south. Warm Arctic episodes linked with increased frequency of extreme winter weather in the United States Weather is variable and that is driven by both forced … Read more

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