Baked Alaska Temperature Records

NOAA Climate.Goc has published details of the record breaking temperatures currently being measured in Alaska under the title “High temperatures smash all-time records in Alaska in early July 2019“. What they are reporting is not simply a few degrees above average, but 20 to 30 degrees higher than normal in some locations … On July … Read more

Can we be confident that NASA are right?

Via NASA, we have the GISS Surface Temperature Analysis. This is an estimate of global surface temperature change that is issued around the middle of every month and gives us a chart that shows us what is going on. Here for example is the illustration by NASA of 2018 in context … A bit of … Read more

At what temperature does it become too hot to survive?

NOTE: An updated and rewritten version of this posting can be found here on Medium. Just how high does the temperature need to get before it becomes too hot for human life to be maintained? It’s actually quite a complicated question to answer and yet there is an answer – 35C – beyond that you … Read more

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