You came from somewhere else in the universe – Star Stuff

Understanding reality can lead to some rather astonishing insights, and so today I’d like to point out two of these mind blowing details. The death of a star led to your existence – All the atoms that you are made of were forged inside the heart of a star. The only reason you exist is … Read more

The Origins of the Universe

When pondering over the origins of the universe, the standard religious answer is “God did it, problem solved, now let’s move on to believing”. Oh wait. Evidence for this claim is … well so far, it is exactly zero. It also has a rather fatal flaw because you then need to explain the origins of this god. The … Read more

Classic Claim: Ex-atheist professor says God responsible for Big Bang

Yes, it is yet another “God-did-it” claim, and this time it is an article entitled “Ex-atheist professor says God responsible for Big Bang“. So here is what we have … NEW ORLEANS – A Tulane physics professor is working on a project that’s getting attention around the country – he’s trying to prove mathematically and through … Read more

The Origin of the Universe … another “Allah did it” claim.

It appears to be a rather common and very persistent religious belief. Today’s example comes from a young chap called Razeem Naushad, who has popped up and with a bit of a swagger, is attempting to make an “Allah” claim as follows … Haha…when I hv added to this group I saw a question asking me … Read more

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