The PSA emperor is Naked


It is perhaps now being increasingly appreciated by many people that Homeopathy is utter nonsense and does not work, and yet it has been granted accreditation by the UK’s Government run PSA (Professional Standards Authority). As a quick bit of background, just to be clear, homeopathy really is a sham and does not work … … Read more

UK NHS is blacklisting Homeopathy and Herbal remedies

The news is that the UK’s publicly funded National Health Service has blacklisted Homeopathy and also Herbal remedies. Now, you might be tempted to think that they have finally decided to pay attention to the evidence that clearly demonstrates that it simply does not work at all … right? Nope, that is not the driving force … Read more

UK’s NHS to Blacklist homeopathy .. hopefully.

This has been announced by the Good Thinking Society … Simon Singh and the Good Thinking Society have today welcomed the decision of the Department of Health to consult on adding homeopathic remedies to the NHS ‘Blacklist’.  Following a proposed judicial review by the Good Thinking Society(1), the Department of Health have announced a consultation to … Read more

MP on select committee proposed Astrology as an NHS cure in the UK

Last month the Conservative MP David Tredinnick, a well-known alternative medicine and astrology nut, gave an interview to the Astrological Journal, in which he suggested that prophecy could be used to treat patients in the NHS. He wrote … “There would be a huge row over resources. However, I do believe that astrology and complementary medicine would help take … Read more

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