Bangladesh’s shameful response to the murder of Nazimuddin Samad

A couple of weeks ago in Dhaka, Bangladesh law student Nazimuddin Samad (pictured above), 28, was walking down a busy street near Jagannath University where he studied when suddenly he was surrounded by a gang of religious thugs who had been waiting specifically for him. They then proceeded to hack at his head with a machete, then when he fell, shot him with a pistol … Read more

Another Secular activist who criticised Islamism has been hacked to death in Bangladesh

It has happened yet again, Nazimuddin Samad, a Bangladeshi secular activist was hunted down and brutally murdered because he dared to criticise fanatical Islamists. The UKs Guardian reports the details … A Bangladeshi law student who criticised Islamism on his Facebook page has been murdered, police said on Thursday, the latest in a series of killings … Read more

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