John Oliver and #MarlonBundo goes viral

So the story here is that Mike Pence, the vocally anti gay rights VP, is backing a children’s story written by his daughter about his pet rabbit Marlon Bundo. John Oliver’s team wrote and published a similar book with a similar look and feel, but in their case Marlon Bundo is a gay rabbit. Proceeds from … Read more

Mike Pence – Myths vs Facts

Let me start by putting my cards on the table here – I’m not a Mike Pence supporter. While writing about how his appearance in the audience at the Hamilton musical resulted him him being booed, I came across one commenter who suggested that booing him was wholly appropriate because he wants to literally electrocute gay … Read more

What actually happened at #Hamilton the Musical when Mike Pence showed up?

As I’m sure you are now aware, Mike Pence went to see the popular hit Musical #Hamilton that is based upon the life of American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton. There are various claims that the behaviour of the cast was “rude” towards Mr Pence, hence the president elect has demanded an apology. So what really happened? Let’s take … Read more

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