Is there Life on MARS?

Various media stories have popped up this week concerning a NASA Scientist who worked on the Viking Lander missions back in the 1970s. They report that he asserts that their life detection experiment designed to detect life on MARS was positive and that NASA has simply ignored those results. Examples of such stories include these … Read more

Possible Life on Mars

The possibility of life on MARS has just been given another uptick. Nothing certain is known. Instead what has happened is the publication of a new study within Nature Geoscience that independently confirms a previous observation regarding Methane. Methane – A Quick Timeline Back in 2013 the Curiosity rover detected a spike in methane. This was … Read more

When did life first appear on earth?

We know that Earth is 4.54 ± 0.05 billion years old. There are no rocks from Earth that old because the process of plate tectonics has recycled anything of that era, so the estimate for this age is based upon the probable age of the Solar System. Basically the assumption is that all the solid bodies in the … Read more

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